1~Shine Performing Arts 

Destini Richardson

Providing opportunities for our youth to explore the world of Performing Arts while preparing their college portfolio and building their resume.

Destini has starred in the Youth Cultural Arts Foundation 2013 Production of "FAME" as well as performed in festivals & showcases  Destini is an honor roll student in the 8th grade, who enjoys Musical Theatre, Dancing, going to church, and hanging with friends.  Check out a clip of her performances below.



1~Shine Performing Arts

 "SHine BRight LIke a Diamond"

Many youth in urban areas have little or no access to quality performing arts programming and activities.  We provide youth with opportunities to participate in programming designed to introduce them to the wonderful world of performing arts.

We provide the following Performing Arts Activities for youth:


Musical Theatre


Poetry & Public Speaking

Artist Development

1~Shine Performing Arts produces quarterly productions for the community.  All productions and performances portray positive messages that bring awareness to issues affecting youth and gives hope and encouragement through uplifting and inspiring performances.

Please contact us for more information regarding our Performing Arts Program