Program Starts July 2019

Participants Meet Monthly for Leadership Workshops.

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Trail Blazers 

"Leaders reaching new heights & reaching success"

Receiving a high school diploma does not guarantee that students are ready for college and  the academic demand of higher learning.  Students need practical skills that will help them organize their time wisely, implement effective study habits into their daily lives and learn of the many benefits of getting a college education.

Trail Blazers is a leadership & college readiness program that provides participants with goal setting strategies and resources that will prepare them  for higher education and life as an adult.  Trail Blazers prepares youth & teens for college through interactive training workshops, experiential learning field trips, community service, and applied research projects.  In addition, participants of Trail Blazers will also receive individualized academic advising and case management.

Goals & Objectives of Trail Blazers

  • Build teens college portfolio by participating in extra-curricular activities that builds leadership skills.
  • Enhance students academic potential by providing tutoring and academic workshops.
  • Promote higher learning through hands on activities and field trips that expose participants to college life and the many facets of the university experience.
  • Help teens define their short and long term goals & help them develop a plan to achieve their goals.
  • Provide teens with consistent academic advisement and guidance while helping them identify scholarships and financial assistance for college.