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DIVA's of Compton

Divine ~ Innovative~ Virtuous~ Angels

A Dance Leadership Program for youth and Teen Girls



The "DIVA's of Compton" Dance Leadership program is an excellent opportunity for youth and teen girls to enhance their performing arts skills while learning how to become a leader and achieve their goals.  Designed for youth and teen girls (2 years-19 years), our program provides participants with access to quality performing arts training, mentoring, and leadership workshops.  DIVA members travel to competitions conferences, leadership retreats, as well as participate in special performances and events.    The DIVAS of Compton were featured on the hit television show "Bring It" where they showcased their dance talent and competed  and won against nationally ranked teams.

DIVAS' receive training in the following:  

 * Dance: Hip Hop, Majorette, African, Praise, Stepping, Jazz & Modern, Dance Technique, and more....

 * Acting/Musical Theatre               * Choir/Musical Performances                     * Tumbling                     * Leadership & Public Speaking                            


 *Modeling                                      *Etiquette                                                  

The Mission of the DIVA's Performing Arts & Leadership Program is to :

  • ​Enhance participants performing arts skills
  • ​Develop confidence and self esteem among girls
  • Provide awareness and resources to many of the issues affecting young women
  • Motivate and Mentor' inner-city youth and teen girls
  • ​Promote positive values and principles
  • Teach problem solving skills and strategies
  • Encourage a healthy & physically fit lifestyle

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