2004-2006 – Provided summer leadership day camp to over 120+ students in the Zone 3 community (former Mechanicsville Housing Development) in Atlanta, GA.

2004-2007 -- Established DIVAS Performing Arts & Leadership Program in Atlanta, Georgia


2004-2005- Facilitated Youth Dance Workshops in Bermuda 


2007- Travel to Ghana, West Africa to perform for the Presidential Celebration in honor of Ghana's 50th Anniversary of Independence. 

2007- Georgia State University, Presidential Award Recipient for "Community Impact" for developing impactful summer & after school youth programming.

2008- Re-established DIVAS Performing Arts & Leadership Program in Compton, CA

2012-2013 Collaborates with Calvary Baptist Church in Compton, CA to provide Summer and after school programming to over 150 youth.

2014-2015- Partner with North Long Beach Christian Church to provide Summer Programming to local youth

2015--Present- DIVAS of Compton competed on National Dance Reality Show, "Bring It" on Lifetime, Nike Commercial, Tengo Talento Mucho Talento, Women in Leadership Award.

Professor Kehlz's Committment to

Youth & Community Development

While studying and teaching abroad in West Africa, I realized that I wanted to provide youth with opportunities to develop leadership skills while simultaneously participating in educational and performing arts programming.  Our youth need more opportunities to make connections between learning and leadership.  

Youth have to make real world connections and believe in the value of getting a good education while working together for the betterment of the communities in which they live.

"I am because we are."


Mrs. Kehli Berry "Professor Kehlz"

A NOTE FROM OUR executive director

It takes a village to raise a child.